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Trending HR Tools for 2023

Showcase of the 10 hottest tools to check out for the new year

We hosted a live expert webinar panel with DeelNachoNachoHappy Work Studio, IntelliHR, and SafetyWing to showcase 10 of the hottest HR tools for 2023.

Whether your company is a startup or bigger organization, it’s always important to keep your finger on the pulse of new, innovative trends in the ever-changing workforce dynamics. From the continued shift of remote work to the rapidly-changing economy, we’ll explore tools that will help put your company in the best position to be successful and meet the needs of your people in 2023.

In this webinar, our expert panel focused on HR tools in the following categories:

  • Global sourcing, hiring, and onboarding
  • Training and management of remote and global teams
  • Payroll, contracts, taxes, and general compliance tools
  • Benefits administration

Ready to learn about what’s trending for 2023? Watch today!

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