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How to Build a Winning Remote-First Culture

Hiring, people management, benefits, and technology recommendations

On January 31st, we hosted a 1-hour live webinar with an expert panel from SafetyWingRemote PassAgile HRO, and CodeMonk to discuss how to build a winning remote-first culture.

Workplace culture has become a hot-button topic over the last few years. We’ve seen more and more companies focusing on building a winning culture and an influx of new technologies that focus on building your culture. But, what about a “remote-first” culture?

While I think we can all agree that the ping pong table and snack bar in the office has very little to do with culture, the shift to remote-first has added an entirely new element into building a winning culture. The collective behaviors, the motivators, and the work-styles of your employees are really what define your culture. But what affects that algorithm in a remote-first workplace?

To answer that question, we’ve invited experts for an unscripted conversation on the following culturally impactful items:

 🤝 Ins and outs of borderless hiring
 📈 Techniques to manage your remote employees
 🌴 Must-have remote and borderless benefits
 💻 Expert remote and borderless tech-stack recommendations

Want to build a winning remote-first culture?

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Rowena Hennigan
Founder & Keynote Speaker

Rowena is the founder of @RoRemote, a Remote Work Expert, University Lecturer, Academic, and a Global Thought Leader in Remote Work and Digital Nomadism - free resources here: https://linktr.ee/RoRemote

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