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Benefits Beyond Borders

Designing a World-Class Global Employee Benefits Package

📢 On November 7th we hosted an engaging and insightful live webinar: Benefits Beyond Borders: Designing a World-Class Global Employee Benefits Package. In this power-packed session, our expert panelists from SafetyWingHuman MadeTestGorilla, Ivy Tech, and OnLoop walked through how to provide benefits for your global workforce. 🚀

Have employees in multiple countries? This webinar is for you.

📋 Key Topics Covered:

  • Global Benefits Strategy Essentials: Explore the fundamental elements of a successful global benefits strategy, including compliance, localization, and alignment with company values. 
  • Tailoring Benefits to Local Needs: Delve into the importance of customizing employee benefits to suit the unique needs and expectations of different countries or regions.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Considerations: Address the complex landscape of international employment laws and regulations.
  • Best Borderless Benefits: Discuss the various types of benefits that are available across borders.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive edge!

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